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SwH Learning is the new name for Science with Hazel

SwH Learning was devised by Hazel Lindsey, a Cambridge graduate with a passion for all things science- and maths-related. After training as a secondary science teacher, Hazel taught in both state and independent schools, before moving into private tuition. As a professional tutor, she has helped hundreds of pupils achieve the highest level of success.

Frustrated by the limited number of students she could work with at any one time, Hazel wanted to create a platform that could help pupils from all over the world achieve their dream grades in science and maths. SwH Learning was born!

Today, SwH Learning is comprised of a small team of like-minded, highly-educated individuals who have a shared passion for making first-class educational materials accessible for students worldwide. We’re proud to offer one-to-one tuition for any subject, taught by specialist, enthusiastic and experienced tutors, as well as online revision classes, revision guides and workbooks. 

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