Jemima Sargent

Jemima Sargent

Jemima graduated from Cambridge University with a BA Hons in English (1st class), and has since been living in Botswana and South Africa where she has been both working and continuing her studies. She completed her MPhil in African Studies (Distinction) at the University of Cape Town and is currently working towards her PhD in Literature.

While living in Cape Town, Jemima was employed as a tutor and seminar leader at UCT, teaching undergraduates in Literature. She was responsible for multiple classes of approximately 22 students each, at all undergraduate levels. She designed each of her own seminar courses, covering dynamic topics such as Environmental Literature, Representations of Trauma, and Studies in Tragedy, selecting her own set texts and coursework assignments. She has also tutored privately, assisting students of high-school age in one-on-one sessions in English Literature and Language. Whether teaching larger groups or in private sessions, Jemima loves being part of the process of engaging students with literary texts, at any level.

Alongside her teaching work, Jemima is a freelance copy-writer and editor, and works as an operations consultant and trainer for Natural Selection Travel, a tour company based in Cape Town.

Jemima is available to tutor English Language and Literature for all levels, including Oxbridge admissions, Art History, RS, Psychology and History.

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