Dylan Humphreys

Dylan Humphreys

Dylan is an experienced tutor having taught STEM subjects both privately and within schools in London for over 3 years. Dylan graduated from the University of Exeter with a BSc in Evolutionary biology. As a student he specialised in the evolutionary adaptations of organisms and studied how genetics and environment interact to shape these traits. Along with experimental lab investigations, he also partook in field work in various locations such as volcanic habitats in Iceland and the rainforests of Borneo.

As a tutor, Dylan focuses on the student’s individual needs and structures the lesson around accommodating for these whilst working towards agreed goals. Understanding that standardised exam-based education can be laborious for many students, Dylan works on developing means to minimise rote learning to allow the student to solve problems from first principles as and where the curriculum allows. Dylan also works on developing exam technique with the student, ensuring that students minimise avoidable mistakes and thereby maximise the grades that they achieve.

Dylan is also a professional musician and saxophone player, both performing and teaching around London. He bases his practice around creative performance, composition and improvisation.

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